CreepyTowers.Stats NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classBuff
This is used to increase or decrease the value of a creep/tower statistic - either by multiplying the base value or by adding to it View code on GitHub
Public classInteraction
This is created when one thing interacts with another and carries information on how much to adjust its stats and/or buffs (eg. a tower's bullet hitting a creep) View code on GitHub
Public classStat
This holds the value of a creep/tower statistic - eg. creep health, tower firing rate etc. It can be adjusted (eg a creep loses health on being shot) or buffed/debuffed (eg a tower increases firing rate due to being close to a booster tower) View code on GitHub

Public structureBuffEffect
Holds which attribute this buff affects, how much it affects it, and how long the buff lasts View code on GitHub
Public structureStatAdjustment
This holds which stat is to be adjusted, how much to adjust by, and which stat is used to resist the adjustment. View code on GitHub