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The input manager is usually polled for certain states (i.e. collected each tick in the update method for events such "IsKeyDown"?), but optionally it could also fire events when input states change(through a command based manager). Note please that depending on the platform certain input types may not be usable. For example, on the iPhone the keyboard functions will return empty results. The functionality of pointing devices varies depending on the platform.

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Public classCommand
Input Commands are loaded via the InputCommands.xml file, see InputCommands.cs for details. You can also create your own commands, which will be executed whenever any trigger is invoked. View code on GitHub
Public classCommand CommandNameWasNotRegistered
Public classCommand UnableToRegisterCommandWithoutTriggers
Public classDragTrigger
Allows a start and end position based drag trigger to be invoked. View code on GitHub
Public classInputTrigger
Public classTrigger
Whenever a trigger condition is matched it is invoked and will fire the action of the Command attached, for example a KeyTrigger will fire when the key is the specified key state. WasInvokedThisTick will be true till the end of the tick (UpdatePriority.Last resets it). View code on GitHub
Public classTrigger UnableToCreateTriggerTypeIsUnknown

Public interfaceMovementTrigger
Allows a movement (game pad, keyboard, dragging) or position (mouse pointing or touch) based trigger to be invoked for any associated Command or Entity. View code on GitHub
Public interfaceZoomTrigger
Allows the application to get informed if any input device triggers any zoom gesture. View code on GitHub

Public enumerationDragDirection
Directions in which can be dragged, horizontal, vertical and free. View code on GitHub