DeltaEngine.Editor.AppBuilder NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classAppBuilderDesign
Public classAppBuilderInfoListView
The list control which shows the list of already built apps or the warnings and errors of the app which will be currently build. View code on GitHub
Public classAppBuilderView
Shows all available actions and data provided by the AppBuilderViewModel. View code on GitHub
Public classAppBuilderView NoDeviceAvailable
Public classAppBuilderViewModel
ViewModel of the the whole AppBuilder which manages all available actions like building an app for a specific platform, listing of all possbile build issues of the app and also provides a listing of already built apps in past. View code on GitHub
Public classAppBuilderViewModel NoContentProjectAvailableForCodeProject
Public classAppBuildMessagesListDesign
Helper class for an easier view modeling at design time. View code on GitHub
Public classAppBuildMessagesListView
The list control which visualizes build messages (infos, errors, warnings) that can occur during the building process of an application via the BuildService. View code on GitHub
Public classAppBuildMessagesListViewModel
Manages all build warnings and build errors when building an app via the BuildService. View code on GitHub
Public classAppBuildMessageViewModel
Public classAppInfo
Public classAppInfo NoDeviceAvailable
Public classAppInfo NoDevicesAvailable
Public classAppInfo NoDeviceSpecified
Public classAppInfoExtensions
Public classAppsStorage
Public classBuiltAppsListView
Shows all available apps provided by the BuiltAppsListViewModel. View code on GitHub
Public classBuiltAppsListViewModel
The ViewModel for BuiltAppsListView which manages all existing apps that were built via the BuildService. View code on GitHub
Public classBuiltAppsListViewModel NoAppInfoSpecified
Public classBuiltAppsListViewModel SavingBuiltAppFailed
Public classDevice
Represents a general interface for a device object of any platform. View code on GitHub
Public classDevice AppNotInstalled
Public classDevice InstallationFailedOnDevice
Public classDevice NoAppSpecified
Public classDevice StartApplicationFailedOnDevice
Public classDevice UninstallationFailedOnDevice
Public classTextExtensions
Provides some helper methods which are required for values of some ViewModel's. View code on GitHub
Public classUnknownDevice
Public classUnknownDeviceAppInfo