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Public classCodePacker
Public classCodePacker DirectoryDoesNotExist
Public classCodePacker NoCodeAvailableToPack
Public classContentExtensions
Public classContentMetaDataWithFile
Public classDeltaEngineFrameworkExtensions
Provides mapping to internal names and references View code on GitHub
Public classEditorViewport
Viewport of the Editor, holds Screenspace, ensures that needed Commands are present and allows plugins to control the viewport up to a degree. Plugins that want to destroy all entities except for the viewport controls should call DestroyRenderedEntities View code on GitHub
Public classEmbeddedResourcesLoader
Public classFileWatcher
Public classFrameworkFinder
Public classNoAccessForProject
Public classProjectEntry
Public classProjectNotAvailable
Public classSolutionExtensions
Public classSolutionFileLoader
Public classSolutionFileLoader ProjectNotFoundInSolution

Public interfaceEditorPluginView
Editor Plugin User Controls should derive this interface to appear in the editor list and get the Service injected in the constructor. Plugins are loaded dynamically in the editor folder, or you put your project in the DeltaEngine/Editor/ folder to be automatically picked up. View code on GitHub
Public interfaceService
Public interfaceTool
Public interfaceToolExtensions

Public enumerationDeltaEngineFramework
Available Frameworks for Delta Engine projects. View code on GitHub