DeltaEngine.Graphics.SharpDX NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classSharpDXBuffer
Simplifies DirectX buffer creation
Public classSharpDXCircularBuffer
Basic functionality for all SharpDX based circular buffers to render small batches quickly.
Public classSharpDXDevice
Provides DirectX 11 support with extended range of features like Geometry shader, Hardware tessellation and compute shaders. Currently just used to support SharpDXDrawing.
Public classSharpDXGeometry
Geometry used for SharpDX devices.
Public classSharpDXImage
Images under SharpDX.
Public classSharpDXSampler
Simplifies DirectX sampler creation
Public classSharpDXScreenshotCapturer
Takes a screenshot under SharpDX.
Public classSharpDXShader
Base simple SharpDX shader.
Public classSharpDXStates
Helper class for SharpDXDevice to provide useful states and default initialization objects.