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Public classCircularBufferTests
Public classDeviceTests
Public classDrawingPerformanceTests
Checks if raw performance of rendering lines and sprites is good. Fast GPU recommended. Please note that the test here simulate how the rendering classes work, you can get worse values if you draw many small batches and cause overhead the Rendering namespace optimizes already. View code on GitHub
Public classDrawingTests
Public classDrawingTests Line
Public classDrawingTests Line DrawLine
Public classDrawingTests LineAdder
Public classDrawingTests RandomLines
Public classDrawingTests RandomLines DrawLine
Public classGeometryTests
Public classGeometryTests MaterialVertexDrawer
Public classGeometryTests MaterialVertexDrawer Drawer
Public classImageTests
The image tests here are limited to loading and integration tests, not visual tests, which you can find in DeltaEngine.Rendering2D.Tests.SpriteTests. View code on GitHub
Public classIndexTests
Public classMaterialTests
Public classProgram
Public classShaderWithFormatTests
Public classVertexElementTests
Public classVertexFormatTests