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Public classApp
Initializes the GLFW2 resolver and the window to get started. To execute the app call Run. View code on GitHub
Public classApproveFirstFrameScreenshot
Causes a unit test to take a screenshot after the first frame and verify if the current unit test run matches previous ones. View code on GitHub
Public classApproveFirstFrameScreenshotAttribute
Makes a screenshot after the first frame of any integration or visual test and then compares it with previous results. Works across frameworks to test OpenGL, DirectX and XNA together. View code on GitHub
Public classAppRunner
Starts an application on demand by registering, resolving and running it (via EntitiesRunner). Most of the registration is not used when running with MockResolver, replaces lots of classes. View code on GitHub
Public classAutofacScreenSpaceResolver
Public classCloseAfterFirstFrameAttribute
Marks a specific test or a whole test class via SetUp to close the test after the first frame. This is not needed for MockResolver tests as they will be closed after one frame anyway. View code on GitHub
Public classConsoleCommands
Evaluates command strings and executes methods at run time on demand (triggers, console). View code on GitHub
Public classES11Resolver
Public classES20Resolver
Public classFileSettings
App settings loaded from and saved to file. View code on GitHub
Public classGLFW2Resolver
Public classGLFW2Window
GLFW2 window implementation for the Delta Engine to run applications in.
Public classGLFW2Window UnableToCreateGLFWWindow
Public classGLFW2Window UnableToInitializeGLFW
Public classGLFW3Resolver
Public classGLFW3Time
Public classGLFW3Window
GLFW3 window implementation for the Delta Engine to run applications in.
Public classIgnoreForResolverAttribute
Causes Autofac not to register this class to resolve to. View code on GitHub
Public classInAppPurchase
This class provides abstract access to the native IAP (In App Purchases). View code on GitHub
Public classOpenGLResolver
Public classOpenTK11Resolver
Public classOpenTK20Resolver
Public classProductData
Product information, received by a market product information request. View code on GitHub
Public classResolver
Basic resolver functionality via Autofac, each configuration registers concrete types. For example GLFW uses GLFWGraphics, GLFWSound, GLFWKeyboard, etc. and makes them available. View code on GitHub
Protected classResolver UnableToRegisterMoreTypesAppAlreadyStarted
Public classSharpDXResolver
Public classSlimDXResolver
Public classSystemInformation
Base system information class that is implemented in each platform module. It provides system information that does not change over the course of a running application or does not need updates. View code on GitHub
Public classTestWithMocksOrVisually
Automatically tests with MockResolver when NCrunch is used, otherwise OpenGLResolver is used View code on GitHub
Public classXnaResolver
Public classXnaWindow
Window support via the build-in XNA Game.Window functionality; supports fullscreen mode.
Public classXnaWindow CouldNotLoadCursorFromFile

Public delegateInAppPurchase ProductInformationDelegate
Public delegateInAppPurchase TransactionDelegate
Public delegateInAppPurchase UserCanceledDelegate

Public enumerationNetworkState
Whether a server or client is currently connected to a network. View code on GitHub