DeltaEngine.Profiling NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classCodeProfiler
Allows classes and methods to be profiled as to how long they took to run. View code on GitHub
Public classCodeProfiler SectionNeverStarted
Public classCodeProfilerSection
Stores a section of profiling (eg. rendering, physics etc.) View code on GitHub
Public classCodeProfilerSection AlreadyStarted
Public classCodeProfilingResults
The results of a session of profiling. View code on GitHub
Public classCodeProfilingResultsFormatter
Takes some profile results and turns them into an informative summary. View code on GitHub
Public classDelegateProfiler
Allows delegates to be run millions of times to compare different implementations. View code on GitHub
Public classSystemProfiler
When this is polled, it logs whatever system information the Settings.ProfilingMode indicates. View code on GitHub
Public classSystemProfilerSection
Records system information polled during profiling for visual display or report. View code on GitHub

Public interfaceCodeProfilingProvider
Derived classes implement profiling of code time - ie. how long a section of code takes to run. View code on GitHub
Public interfaceSystemProfilingProvider
Derived classes implement system profiling - ie. RAM/CPU/etc. used over time. View code on GitHub