ContentType EnumerationDelta Engine Documentation
Content type for ContentData, for details see View code on GitHub

Namespace: DeltaEngine.Content
Assembly: DeltaEngine (in DeltaEngine.dll) Version: (1.1.1)

public enum ContentType

  Member nameValueDescription
Scene0 .DeltaScene binary file, created by the SceneEditor, loaded when opening scenes. View code on GitHub
Level3 .DeltaLevel is a collection of used meshes their world matrix and maybe some other content like camera paths, animations, etc. (different level settings for each game). View code on GitHub
Image4 Image content type, imported as .png bitmaps. Typically stored as compressed textures. View code on GitHub
ImageAnimation5 Parent type for images in a sequence, e.g. "Explosion" uses "Explosion01", "Explosion02", etc. and some extra meta data for displaying this animation at certain speeds. View code on GitHub
SpriteSheetAnimation6 Uses Secondary Image Size to use one spritesheet for an animation. View code on GitHub
Shader7 .DeltaShader, which contains platform specific shader data. View code on GitHub
Material8 Material, usually used for meshes and advanced rendering classes like Particle Effects. View code on GitHub
Mesh9 .DeltaMesh 3D content, either imported from an FBX file (or 3ds, obj, dxf, collada). The mesh itself is stored just as binary data, use the MeshData class to access it. View code on GitHub
MeshAnimation10 Animation data for a mesh, e.g. an "Idle", a "Run" or an "Attack" animation of a character. View code on GitHub
Model11 3D Models contain no own content, but just links up a bunch of meshes with their used materials and optionally their MeshAnimations into an easy to use form. View code on GitHub
ParticleEmitter12 .DeltaParticleEmitter represent the content of a particle effect system. Use the Particle Effect Editor to edit particle effects. View code on GitHub
Font13 Delta Spritefont used in the eninge! TTF font when used in sending from editor to server. View code on GitHub
Camera15 Camera content, stores the initial camera position, rotation and values plus optionally a camera path this camera should follow. View code on GitHub
Sound16 Sound file for sound playback, just a .wav file on most platforms. View code on GitHub
Music17 Music file for playing in the background or even use streaming. .mp3 or .ogg file. View code on GitHub
Video18 Video file for multimedia. Supports .mp4 and other video formats. View code on GitHub
Xml20 Xml files for game specific content or whatever else you need. View code on GitHub
Json21 Json files for game specific content, if you are a JavaScript freak. View code on GitHub
InputCommand24 Input commands for a game or whatever else you need View code on GitHub
Geometry25 Contains geometry data with its own VertexFormat and an identifier name. View code on GitHub
ParticleSystem26 The data for a ParticleSystem contain names of saved emitter data to be used. Upon loading, those are loaded as well and the emitters are created and attached to the system. View code on GitHub
JustStore29 Just store the file entry, this can be used for any file (binary makes most sense). All the logic to load and use this file has to be done by the application. View code on GitHub
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