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Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  DeltaEngine.Entities Entity
    DeltaEngine.Entities DrawableEntity
      DeltaEngine.Rendering2D Entity2D
        DeltaEngine.Rendering2D HierarchyEntity2D
          DeltaEngine.Rendering2D Sprite
            DeltaEngine.Scenes.Controls Control
              DeltaEngine.Scenes.Controls Picture
                DeltaEngine.Scenes.Controls Label
                  DeltaEngine.Scenes.Controls Button
                    Chess BoardSquare

Namespace: Chess
Assembly: Chess (in Chess.exe) Version: (1.1.1)

public class BoardSquare : Button

The BoardSquare type exposes the following members.


Public methodBoardSquare
Initializes a new instance of the BoardSquare class

Public methodAdd(HierarchyObject2D) (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Public methodAdd T (T) (Inherited from Sprite.)
Protected methodAddChild (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodAddTag (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodClearTags (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodClick (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodContains T  (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public methodContainsBehavior T  (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodContainsTag (Inherited from Entity.)
Protected methodDeactivate (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodDispose (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodGet T  (Inherited from Sprite.)
Protected methodGetActiveBehaviors (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodGetComponentsForEditing (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Protected methodGetComponentsForSaving (Inherited from Sprite.)
Protected methodGetDrawBehaviors (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public methodGetFirstChildOfType T  (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Public methodGetInterpolatedArray T  (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public methodGetInterpolatedList T  (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public methodGetLevel (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetOrDefault T  (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodGetTags (Inherited from Entity.)
Protected methodNextUpdateStarted (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public methodOnDraw T  (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Protected methodOnPositionChanged (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Protected methodOnRotationChanged (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Public methodRemove(HierarchyObject2D) (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Public methodRemove T   (Inherited from Entity.)
Protected methodRemoveChild (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodRemoveTag (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodReset (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public methodRotatedDrawAreaContains (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public methodSet (Inherited from Label.)
Public methodSetAppearance (Inherited from Picture.)
Public methodSetAppearanceWithoutInterpolation (Inherited from Picture.)
Public methodSetComponents (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodSetPiece
Public methodSetWithoutInterpolation T  (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public methodStart T  (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodStop T  (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodToggleVisibility (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodUpdate (Overrides Button Update .)
Public methodUpdateGlobalsFromParent (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Extension Methods

Public Extension MethodAffixToPhysics (Defined by Entity2DPhysicsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodStartBouncingOffScreenEdges (Defined by Entity2DExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodStartFalling (Defined by Entity2DExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodStartMoving (Defined by Entity2DExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodStartMovingUV (Defined by Entity2DExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodStartRotating (Defined by Entity2DExtensions.)

Public fieldClicked (Inherited from Control.)
Protected fieldcomponents (Inherited from Entity.)
Protected fieldlastTickLerpComponents
Each element can either be a Lerp, a Lerp List or an array of Lerp objects. View code on GitHub
(Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Protected fieldpiece

Public propertyAlpha (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyBlendMode (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public propertyBottomMargin (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCenter (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyChildren (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Public propertyColor (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyCurrentFrame (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public propertyDidFootprintChange (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyDrawArea (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyElapsed (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public propertyFlipMode (Inherited from Sprite.)
Protected propertyFontText (Inherited from Label.)
Public propertyIPos
Public propertyIsActive (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsPauseable (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsPlaying (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public propertyIsVisible (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public propertyLastColor (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyLastDrawArea (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyLastUV (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public propertyLeftMargin (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyMaterial (Inherited from Sprite.)
Public propertyName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyNumberOfComponents (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyParent (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Public propertyPieceE
Public propertyPreviousText (Inherited from Label.)
Public propertyRelativePosition (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Public propertyRelativeRotation (Inherited from HierarchyEntity2D.)
Public propertyRenderLayer (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public propertyRightMargin (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRotation (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyRotationCenter (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertySize (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyState (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyText (Inherited from Label.)
Public propertyTheme (Inherited from Picture.)
Public propertyTopLeft (Inherited from Entity2D.)
Public propertyTopMargin (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyUpdatePriority (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyUV (Inherited from Sprite.)

Public eventAnimationEnded (Inherited from Sprite.)
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