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System Object
  DeltaEngine.Entities Entity
    DeltaEngine.Entities DrawableEntity
      DeltaEngine.Rendering3D Entity3D
        DeltaEngine.Rendering3D HierarchyEntity3D
          DeltaEngine.GameLogic Actor3D
            CreepyTowers Agent
              CreepyTowers.Enemy Enemy
                CreepyTowers.Enemy.Bosses Boss
                CreepyTowers.Enemy.Creeps Creep

Namespace: CreepyTowers.Enemy
Assembly: CreepyTowers (in CreepyTowers.exe) Version: (1.1.1)

public abstract class Enemy : Agent

The Enemy type exposes the following members.


Protected methodEnemy
Initializes a new instance of the Enemy class

Public methodAdd(HierarchyObject3D) (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)
Public methodAdd T (T) (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public methodAddTag (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodAdjustStat (Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodApplyBuff (Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodCalculateDamage
Public methodClearBuffs (Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodClearTags (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodContains T  (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public methodContainsBehavior T  (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodContainsTag (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodCreateStat (Inherited from Agent.)
Protected methodDeactivate (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodDie
Public methodDisplayDieEffect
Public methodDispose (Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodGet T  (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Protected methodGetActiveBehaviors (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodGetBoundingBox (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Public methodGetBoundingSphere (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Protected methodGetComponentsForSaving (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public methodGetDrawArea (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Protected methodGetDrawBehaviors (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public methodGetFirstChildOfType T  (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)
Public methodGetInterpolatedArray T  (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public methodGetInterpolatedList T  (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public methodGetOrDefault T  (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodGetStatBaseValue (Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodGetStatPercentage (Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodGetStatValue (Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodGetTags (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodHasReachedExit
Protected methodInitializeModel (Overrides Agent InitializeModel .)
Public methodIs2D (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Public methodIsColliding (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Protected methodNextUpdateStarted (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public methodOnDraw T  (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Protected methodOnOrientationChanged (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Protected methodOnPositionChanged (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Protected methodOnScaleChanged (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Public methodReceiveAttack
Public methodRemove(HierarchyObject3D) (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)
Public methodRemove T   (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodRemoveTag (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodRenderModel (Inherited from Agent.)
Protected methodRestartStatsAndState
Public methodSet (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public methodSetComponents (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodSetWithoutInterpolation T  (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public methodSpawnHitSparks
Public methodStart T  (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodStop T  (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodToggleVisibility (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from Entity.)
Public methodUpdate (Inherited from Agent.)
Public methodUpdateDamageState
Public methodUpdateGlobalsFromParent (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)

Protected fieldcomponents (Inherited from Entity.)
Protected fieldlastOrientation (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Protected fieldlastPosition (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Protected fieldlastTickLerpComponents
Each element can either be a Lerp, a Lerp List or an array of Lerp objects. View code on GitHub
(Inherited from DrawableEntity.)

Public propertyChildren (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)
Public propertyCurrentTarget
Public propertyDirection
Public propertyFinalTarget
Public propertyIsActive (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)
Public propertyIsPauseable (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyIsVisible (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public propertyModel (Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyName (Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyNumberOfComponents (Inherited from Entity.)
Public propertyOrientation (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public propertyParent (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)
Public propertyPath
Public propertyPosition (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public propertyRelativeOrientation (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)
Public propertyRelativePosition (Inherited from HierarchyEntity3D.)
Public propertyRenderLayer (Inherited from DrawableEntity.)
Public propertyRotationZ (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Public propertyScale (Inherited from Entity3D.)
Public propertyScaleFactor (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Protected propertyStats (Inherited from Agent.)
Public propertyUpdatePriority (Inherited from Entity.)

Public eventIsDead
Public eventOrientationChanged (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Public eventPositionChanged (Inherited from Actor3D.)
Public eventReachedExit
Public eventScaleChanged (Inherited from Actor3D.)
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