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All data types are located in the DeltaEngine.Datatypes namespace. All data types are optimized for whatever they are used for most. For example Vectors, Matrices and Colors are used mostly in Vertex data structures and are as compact as possible (e.g. Color is just a uint), while still making external use quick and easy (e.g. Color can be created with 3 or 4 float values for R, G, B and optional A). Most operations are also heavily optimized for speed, especially all Matrix and Vector operations because they will be used a lot in inner loops for rendering, transformations, animations and bone calculations. In normal game code you don't have to worry about this, you can just use the normal operation methods. The optimized ones (with ref parameters) are only really needed for that extra bit of performance in animation and rendering code.

Public classBaseRangeGraph T 
Public classBoundingBox NoPointsSpecified
Public classColor InvalidColorComponentValue
Public classColor InvalidNumberOfComponents
Public classQuaternion InvalidNumberOfComponents
Public classQuaternion InvalidStringFormat
Public classRange T 
Interval of two values; Allows a random value in between to be obtained. View code on GitHub
Public classRange T  InvalidStringFormat
Public classRange T  TypeInStringNotEqualToInitializedType
Public classRangeGraph T 
Public classRay InvalidNumberOfStringComponents
Public classRay InvalidStringFormat
Public classRectangle InvalidNumberOfComponents
Public classRectangle TypeInStringNotEqualToInitializedType
Public classSize InvalidNumberOfComponents
Public classTimeRangeGraph T 
Public classTimeRangeGraph T  PercentageOutsideScope
Public classVector2D InvalidNumberOfComponents
Public classVector3D InvalidNumberOfComponents

Public structureAtlasRegion
Holds the information needed to render an individual sprite from within a texture atlas. A Sprite can be stripped of its transparent borders when inserted into a texture atlas. PadLeft says how much was stripped from the left side etc View code on GitHub
Public structureBoundingBox
Min and max vector for a 3D bounding box. Can also be used to calculate a BoundingSphere. View code on GitHub
Public structureBoundingSphere
Contains the center position in 3D and radius. Allows quick collision and intersection tests. View code on GitHub
Public structureColor
Color with a byte per component (red, green, blue, alpha), also provides float properties. View code on GitHub
Public structureEulerAngles
Yaw, Pitch and Roll used for 3D rotations. See: View code on GitHub
Public structureMatrix
4x4 Matrix from 16 floats, access happens via indexer, optimizations done in BuildService. View code on GitHub
Public structurePlane
Plane struct represented by a normal vector and a distance from the origin. Details can be found at: View code on GitHub
Public structureQuaternion
Useful for processing 3D rotations. Riemer's XNA tutorials have a nice introductory example of use: View code on GitHub
Public structureRay
Ray struct, used to fire rays into a 3D scene to find out what we can hit with that ray (for mouse picking and other simple collision stuff). View code on GitHub
Public structureRectangle
Holds data for a rectangle by specifying its top left corner and the width and height. View code on GitHub
Public structureSize
Holds the width and height of an object (e.g. a rectangle). View code on GitHub
Public structureVector2D
Represents a 2D vector, which is useful for screen positions (sprites, mouse, touch, etc.) View code on GitHub
Public structureVector3D
Specifies a position in 3D space, used for 3D geometry, cameras and 3D physics. View code on GitHub

Public interfaceLerp
Base interface to use the generic Lerp, do not use this interface on its own. Used to find out if some object implements the generic Lerp without having to go through reflection. View code on GitHub
Public interfaceLerp T 
Forces datatypes derived from this to implement a Lerp method to interpolate between values. View code on GitHub

Public enumerationFlipMode
Sprites can be rendered flipped horizontally or vertically. View code on GitHub