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Learn all about Entities in the Tutorial section of the main website: http://deltawebsites/learn/tutorials#entities01

Public classDrawableEntity
Drawable components like Entity2D or Entity3D will interpolate between update ticks. NextUpdateStarted marks the beginning of an update tick to copy interpolatable data, it can also be used to check if any data has changed since last time and if something needs updating. View code on GitHub
Public classDrawableEntity ArrayWithLerpElementsForInterpolationWasNotFound
Public classDrawableEntity ListWithLerpElementsForInterpolationWasNotFound
Public classEntitiesRunner
Keeps a list of all active entities and manages all behaviors for entities. Updating is done at a fixed time step (e.g. 0.1). Drawing has read-only access, it runs as quickly as possible (60fps+). Details: View code on GitHub
Public classEntitiesRunner EntityAlreadyAdded
Public classEntitiesRunner InvalidUpdatePerSecondSettings
Public classEntitiesRunner UnableToResolveBehavior
Public classEntitiesRunner YouAreNotAllowedToDrawOutsideOfTheDrawLoop
Public classEntitiesRunner YouAreNotAllowedToSetAnEntityComponentInsideTheDrawLoop
Public classEntity
Each entity has a name, unique components for data and behaviors for logic attached to them. Entities are used for all engine objects, rendering, game objects, ui, physics, etc. View code on GitHub
Public classEntity ComponentNotFound
Public classEntity ComponentOfTheSameTypeAddedMoreThanOnce
Public classEntity InstantiatedHandlerAddedToEntity
Public classEntity UnableToCreateEntityWithoutInitializedResolverAndEntitiesRunner
Public classTime
Easily access the current update time step delta, which defaults to 0.05 (20 updates/sec). View code on GitHub
Public classUpdateBehavior
Goes through all entities of a specific type each update tick. View code on GitHub

Public interfaceBehaviorResolver
Abstract factory to provide access to create entity behaviors on demand via the resolver. View code on GitHub
Public interfaceDrawBehavior
Draws all entities at the same level of priority. View code on GitHub
Public interfaceFiltered
Allows entities to be easily filtered so that only specific ones are updated. View code on GitHub
Public interfaceHierarchyObject2D
Public interfaceHierarchyObject3D
Public interfaceRapidUpdateable
Certain entities need to be updated more often than normally - eg. Physics. RapidUpdate is called 60 times per second by default (no matter how fast the game runs). If IsPauseable returns true, when the app is paused RapidUpdate will not get called. View code on GitHub
Public interfaceUpdateable
Adding this interface to an Entity will cause its Update method to get called at, by default, 20 times per second, at the given UpdatePriority for each active entity. If IsPauseable returns true, when the app is paused Update will not get called. View code on GitHub

Public enumerationPriority
Entity behaviors are processed in order from First priority to Last. Normal is the default. View code on GitHub
Public enumerationUpdateDrawState
The type of processing EntitiesRunner is currently undertaking. View code on GitHub