DeltaEngine.GameLogic NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classAchievement
Public classActor3D
Public classCollisionTrigger
Public classCollisionTrigger Data
Public classGameTrigger
Abstract class that defines the necessary methods for all GameTriggers View code on GitHub
Public classLevel
Simple 2D map of TileType data to be used for 2D tile games or for game logic tests. View code on GitHub
Public classLevel InvalidTileMapData
Public classProjectile
Public classTimeTrigger
Public classTimeTrigger Data
Public classWave
DataContainer that provides data which object should be created when a wave is started. View code on GitHub

Public interfaceActor
Any game object you want to handle in a game should use this interface. It can be an Entity2D, Entity3D or any other class deriving from Entity. You can access all actors in the world via GetEntitiesOfType T  View code on GitHub

Public enumerationLevelTileType
Basic tile types for , can be extended or replaced by each game. LevelView code on GitHub