DeltaEngine.Scenes.EntityDebugger NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classEntityEditor
Base for EntityReader which shows the real-time values for Entity components, and EntityWriter which allows those values to be changed. View code on GitHub
Public classEntityReader
Scenes controls reveal the component values of an Entity, refreshing every frame. Use EntityWriter if you wish to be able to change these component values View code on GitHub
Public classEntitySelector
Right-clicking an Entity selects it for either observing or editing View code on GitHub
Public classEntityWriter
The app does not need to be paused to use EntityWriter but it likely makes sense to do so: Every frame the contents of the controls are written back to the Entity. If invoked through EntitySelector the app will be paused. Components can be edited but not added or removed. View code on GitHub

Public enumerationEditorMode
When selecting an Entity for debugging via the EntitySelector, whether to open for reading from or for writing to View code on GitHub