SideScroller NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classEnemyPlane
Public classGame
Initialization of the SideScrollerGame, creation of all further instances used during the game. View code on GitHub
Public classInteractionLogics
Public classMenu
Public classParallaxBackground
Public classPlane
Abstract base airplane that holds the funtionality PlayerPlane and EnemyPlane have in common. View code on GitHub
Protected classPlane TimeAndPositionUpdate
Public classPlayerControls
Public classPlayerPlane
Protected classPlayerPlane PlayerMovement
Public classVelocity2D
Component for any Entity moving around in 2D space with velocity limited to a maximum value It can be accelerated (or decelerated, which is the same) by a vector, by magnitude and direction, or by a scalar factor View code on GitHub

Public enumerationDefRenderLayer