CreepyTowers.Avatars NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classAvatar
Public classAvatarSpecialAttackSoundSelector
Public classDragon
Dragon is a heavy hitter. Special abilities are: Long Range: Increases the attack radius for towers by 25% Aura Cannon: Beam crosses the field bottom-right to top-left through a selected square Breath of Fire: Fireball affects selected and surrounding squares View code on GitHub
Public classPenguin
Flying Penguin is a master of speed. Special abilities are: Rapid Recharge: Increases the attack frequency by a third Carpet Bombing: Multiple bombs fall across the grid at random Big Firework: Single massive bomb falls at a player directed spot View code on GitHub
Public classPiggyBank
Piggy Bank is all about the gold. Special abilities are: Greed: Amount of gold earned for killing a creep is increased Payday: Creeps drop extra gold Coins Rain: Collectable coins fall on the grid over a short period, doing damage View code on GitHub
Public classSpecialAttackSelector

Public enumerationAvatarAttack