DeltaEngine.Graphics.BaseOpenGL20 NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classOpenGL20CircularBuffer
Functionality for all OpenGL based circular buffers to render small batches quickly.
Public classOpenGL20Device
OpenGL based graphics device
Public classOpenGL20Geometry
GPU geometry data in OpenGL
Public classOpenGL20Image
Base class to provide an environment to load texture data in OpenGL.
Public classOpenGL20ScreenshotCapturer
Takes a screenshot in OpenGL.
Public classOpenGL20Shader
All OpenGL shaders share this basic functionality.
Public classOpenGL20Shader UnableToCompileShader
Public classOpenGL20Shader UnableToCreateNewShaderHandle

Public enumerationCompressedTextureFormat
Public enumerationOpenGL20BufferMode
Vertex and index buffers are either static for mesh drawing, dynamic for changing data or steam for CircularBuffer (changing every frame).