DeltaEngine.Rendering3D.Cameras NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classCamera
Provides some useful constants and properties that are commonly used in most camera classes. The current camera can be assigned using Camera.Use. View code on GitHub
Public classCameraPath
Public classFreeCamera
A camera that can be moved in any direction and rotated around any axis View code on GitHub
Public classIsometricCamera
Like LookAtCamera but uses Orthographic projection and the look direction can never be changed from how it was set in the constructor. Moving forwards and backwards has no meaning for Orthographic, instead Zooming rescales the world View code on GitHub
Public classLookAtCamera
Basic camera for 3D which can zoom, move and rotate around the Target. View code on GitHub
Public classOrthoCamera
Orthogonal 3D camera. View code on GitHub
Public classPathCamera
Follows a path as if on rails. Can be started and stopped. Updates at 60fps View code on GitHub
Public classPathCamera NoTrackSpecified
Public classTargetedCamera
Basis for all cameras which point towards a target View code on GitHub