DeltaEngine.Rendering3D NamespaceDelta Engine Documentation

Public classBatch3D
For ordered geometry into batches by Shader and BlendMode, allows for more efficient rendering. View code on GitHub
Public classBatchRenderer3D
Public classBatchRenderer3D BatchRenderer3DCannotBeUsedToRender2D
Public classBillboard
A quad mesh that always has a fixed orientation with respect to the camera View code on GitHub
Public classEntity3D
Base entity for 3D objects. Usually used in Meshes or Models, both normally Actors. View code on GitHub
Public classEntity3D CameraWasNotInitializedFor3D
Public classHierarchyEntity3D
Public classMesh
3D geometry with material information ready to be rendered in a scene View code on GitHub
Public classMeshAnimation
Consists of a number of frames of animation. Defaults to 30fps View code on GitHub
Public classMeshAnimation MeshAnimationData
Public classMeshAnimationCreationData
For creating MeshAnimations without loading through the content system View code on GitHub
Public classMeshAnimationFrameData
Defines the transform for each bone of the animation frame. View code on GitHub
Public classModel
Collection of static meshes to be rendered, makes it easier rendering complex things like Levels, 3D Models with animation and collections of meshes. Should be combined with Actor. View code on GitHub
Public classModelData
Collections of meshes to be rendered which can be animated View code on GitHub
Public classModelData NoMeshesGivenNeedAtLeastOne
Public classModelRenderer
Public classPlaneQuad
Textured rectangular mesh View code on GitHub

Public enumerationBillboardMode
Specifies how Billboards are calculated, especially used for particles View code on GitHub